Love INC's Defining Difference

Love In the Name of Christ (INC) of Metro Tampa’s Defining Difference is Redemptive Compassion


“When I first heard about Love In the Name of Christ (INC) in 2010, I was taken by its philosophy of strength based relationships and accountability. As I found out more about the core principles and defining difference, I have realized how this philosophy is aligned with my personal mission when working to strengthen families so their children will thrive. At the center of this is a belief that we respect families, work in partnership with them, hold them and ourselves accountable in realizing solutions to issues that negatively impact them.” – Ann M. Doyle, Executive Director

Redemptive Compassion is our defining difference from other agencies and ministries. The term Love INC (In the Name of Christ) of Metro Tampa reflects six core principles that are at the heart of our work and will be instilled in all our volunteers and church partners.

Redemptive Compassion Core Principles:

  • See everyone’s value (respect and restore self-esteem).
  • Invest relationally in others (form partnerships & love them).
  • Help everyone achieve their God-given potential (love spoken with honesty).
  • Require mutual contributions and participation (accountability for the outcomes).
  • Respond with wisdom & discernment (how God would want us to respond – not as emergencies).
  • Serve in ways that transform (provide hope & change of heart).