Partner Referral

Love INC serves our community hand-in-hand with our community partners, including member churches and agencies who refer guests in need of our services. Partners can elect to refer guests, pool resources and team with Love INC or directly refer guests to Love INC without providing services.

After our partners complete their intake processes, a decision is made to provide assistance and refer to Love INC or refer without assistance. If they agree to assist guest(s), including partnering with Love INC, the referral form below is completed. By submitting this referral form, our partners confirm those referred understand the Love INC Referral Flowchart and are willing, motivated participants.

For its part, Love INC agrees to follow up partner referral via email and/or phone within two business days, confirming receipt of referral to both referring partner and their guest(s). Also, that the application review process is underway, and that we will follow up with a specific case navigation plan within 7 days of referral. Further, an appointment at The Portico will be set up to discuss, edit and finalize a stabilization plan that reflects our guest’s shared vision of their desired future.

Partner Referral Steps:
  • Step 1: Confirm the person in need understands the Love INC process and wants to participate as a guest.
  • Step 2: Complete the Partner Referral Request below.
  • Step 3: The Love INC Help Center Team contacts the guest completing the intake application and verifies legitimacy of request.
  • Step 4: Love INC and referring partner collaborate with the guest to develop an action plan to serve and support them with dignity and love.
Partner Referral Form