Portico Workforce Housing Solutions

Mission: mobilize local Christian churches and their trained members to transform the lives of single, employed men struggling with homelessness and our Tampa community, in the Name of Christ

Challenge: Tampa’s motivated, qualified, employed, single men, attempting to enter the workforce have extreme challenges trying to get off the street.

How can Love INC’s mobilized faith communities help address this bridge housing gap?

Solution: Portico Workforce Housing Solutions (PWHS)
PWHS is a unique, six-month opportunity for serious, employed, homeless men to bridge from the street to their own permanent housing. For those up to the challenge, we require $175 and references with your application. Also required is a lease, case plan, and tenant agreement involving a bank relationship, savings of $250/month, budgeting classes. Further, a tenant understanding detailing your weekly involvement in our Portico faith community and meeting monthly with their case manager, verifying case plan goals, etc. Portico tenants are team players that “play well together”, share household chores, making our two three bedroom homes work smoothly for three motivated men living in each home.

E Yukon Street Tampa, FL

E. MLK Jr. Blvd Tampa, FL

Homeless; not hopeless. Is that you? Someone you know?

If our PWHS program; love with accountability – dignified, safe, affordable bridge housing, is what you are looking for to transform your life, your next step is to contact us to explore our transformational faith journey that you will lead with our support. We serve in ways that empower you!

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