Donate to Love INC Corporate Sponsors’ Society

Love INC mission – mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ.

“Church pastors know the needs of their members. Love INC knows the communities’ needs. Together, in solidarity, our service is a witness of His love.”

Request: team with and support Love INC as a Corporate Sponsors’ Society member. 

Challenge:  how does three-year-old Love INC scale from its current 15 member churches to a mature affiliate with 50+ churches? Transform itself from “here”; currently scraping by financially, to “there”; scaling to a fully mature, financially sound flourishing affiliate. More importantly, “getting there” in a healthy, strategic manner.

Our ability to scale Love INC to maturity is largely dependent on generous multi-year reserve funding from individual donors and corporate sponsorships.

Solution: Multi-year reserves from Love INC Corporate Sponsors’ Society, in tandem with our Love INC Sustainers’ Society (Individual donors)

Request: team with and support Love INC as a Corporate Sponsors’ Society member. 

2020 Corporate Sponsors’ Society Goal: five corporate sponsors pledging $100,000 by 12/31/2020 and beyond to ensure and enhance Love INC services to neighbors in need.


$25,000 each year or more


$10,000 each year or more


$5,000 each year or more

“Multi-year reserves are the financial bedrock of Love INC of Metro Tampa.” – James M. Rossman, BOD Chair

“Through their annual gifts, Love INC’s Corporate Sponsors’ Society members demonstrate their commitment to the mission fulfillment of Love INC of Metro Tampa Inc. Year in and out, our members help fill the financial gap that exists for infrastructure and unfunded /underfunded programs and services.”
– James M. Rossman

When Love INC doors opened in 2017, they had one founding member of a fledgling Love INC of Metro Tampa Sustainer Society. Today, we are 54 members with $300,000 + of multi-year pledges to support an annual budget of $175,000.

12/31/2020 Sustainer Society Goal: by doubling the size of our Sustainer Society; from 54 to 100 members, $600,000 of multi- year pledges, we ensure and enhance Love INC services to neighbors in need.

Building adequate, multi-year reserves secures a strong future for Love INC of Metro Tampa.

James M. Rossman – Love INC of Metro Tampa BOD Co-chair

Why partner with Love INC as a corporate sponsor?

Love INC’s high-impact outcomes help Tampa flourish. Love INC, opened in April 2017 as a part of Love INC National,, an organization with 134 affiliates and a 44-year history of providing a Christ-centered model to alleviate poverty that has impacted millions of lives.

Through Love INC, our mobilized Tampa faith communities collectively address social services gaps that perpetuate poverty in Tampa. Love INC exists primarily to encourage, equip and elevate its member churches to create high impact outcomes that help Tampa flourish. We provide training and meaningful, manageable volunteer opportunities for church members. Love INC cultivates leadership in those serving our guests.

Does a Love INC corporate sponsorship
align with core values of your organization?

Love INC does not distribute emergency funds, is not set up to handle emergencies or the chronically homeless, and does not have walk-ins.   Love INC’s member churches and hundreds of donors generously support Love because of its unique core values, defining differences and outcomes from other ministries:

  • Serving beyond the Band-Aids – food and clothing commands of Matthew 25
  • Verifying that each request for assistance is legitimate to prevent dependency
  • Investing relationally with those we serve
  • Reducing duplication of local services
  • Lessening the strain on any one church to do it all
  • Demonstrating unity in the Body of Christ

Love INC advocates boldly for those he loves. Love INC exists only to serve its member churches and their trained volunteers serving vetted guests with verified needs. They provide the direct services. Love INC guides the process.

ROI (Return on Investment) – Love INC’s guests transform from chaos to shalom; lives lived as God intended. We celebrate transformational outcomes, “love stories”, across multiple media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Update: Shalandra is a Portico Café employee and a 2019 referral to Love INC from member church, The Portico, the downtown mission of member church Hyde Park United Methodist Church.

To reunify with her two children requires employment (she works two jobs!), safe housing and reliable transportation.

Love INC member churches pooled resources, ($3,200 – transmission etc.) with Shalandra’s required sacrificial contribution to transform a St. Andrews Episcopal member’s van donation into safe reliable transportation.

Left picture: Van donor Ingrid M. meets grateful Shalandra R.

What does a corporate sponsorship investment address?

Love INC being understaffed – Love INC currently operates with a fulltime executive director and two-part time positions as Help Center coordinator and an Administrative Assistant. For 2021 and beyond, taffing to support scaling Love INC beyond current levels requires funding the following fulltime position with benefits:

Donor-directed services: on a case-by-case basis, Love INC will utilize your sponsorship investment in the direct service of a vetted, approved guest(s) enrolled in our program, like Shalandra R. and help with rent deposits and transportation. Required is her mutual participation and contribution; a hand up vs. handout.

Employee involvement: beyond sponsorship funding, there are a variety of opportunities for employees to plug into that help Love INC and the Tampa community to flourish. Corporate sponsors receive quarterly updates about employee involvement and family friendly volunteer opportunities for your employees.

Investment feedback: our quarterly update will provide ROI information how we leveraged your investment and engaged employee volunteers.

Helping fund Love INC as a Corporate Sponsors’ Society member makes sound, economic sense, allowing your organization to make an indelible mark on our ministry and its programs. Each gift strengthens our ability to deliver our mission vs fundraise; to serve our member churches and train their members to transform lives, one individual, one family at a time.

If our mission of love, with accountability, is at the heart of what you expect, what your company stands for and will financially support, we welcome your support.

In His service,

Ann M. Doyle / Executive Director
Love INC (In the Name of Christ) of Metro Tampa Inc.
DID: 813 222-2250 office / cell:  813 541 7366 cell